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Sure, Klink might not be the most inventive Pokemon in the world. It evolves into more gears.

But Voltorb is a pokeball that evolves into an upside-down pokeball. Grimer is a pile of purple goo that evolves into a BIGGER pile of purple goo. And Magnemite is a few magnets and screws that evolves into three combined Magnemite. Koffing, Diglett, Ditto, etc… 

Sure, Charizard is an awesome dragon, but Hydreigon is NO less inventive. As well, there are other turtle Pokemon besides Blastoise, and there are other dinosaurs besides Venusaur. 

Pokemon shouldn’t be hated just because they weren’t invented first. It’s like saying you’re a bigger Pokemon fan because you were born a few years before someone else.

Everyone has their own opinions, and that’s okay, but there’s no reason to go around basing every generation that was made after Kanto. If you want to dwell on Kanto Pokemon and limit yourself to 151, do it. It’s fine.

But when Kanto was the only generation, researchers like Bill and trainers like Ash knew that there were more than 151 Pokemon, and it was exciting to discover new ones.

The show is based on discovering new Pokemon. Then the new ones come out and people get mad about it. 

EVERY Generation has both very interesting and very simple Pokemon. It’ll always be that way, so all the hating on new Generations is ridiculous.

I love ALL OF THE POKEMON. No matter what they look like. Pokemon like Koffing and Klink are some of my favourites, actually.

So please:

Just focus on what you LOVE and stop HATING.

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    i say the problem is the new one is amarican made .___. poor kids today
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    You took this way too serious ^^
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    I will forever love Kanto & johto
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    This. Since when did only liking the first 151 Pokemon become the ‘in thing’?! Its meant to be cool if you play the...
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    I won’t get into the whole aspect that many of these Pokemon that are being released now in the newer generations have...
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    Fandom is the worst thing ever sometimes.
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