These are photos of all my Pokemon plush that don’t include all the plush in my Tepig line collection(∩_∩) ♥

The top picture is all of them as a whole, and then there is a close-up of them all, plus some extra photos of ones I’m really fond of!

  • Black Kyurem Pokedoll - This was actually the first ever plush I ordered from online! He’s my favourite Legendary Pokemon of all, so I feel really attached to this one!
  • "I <3 Eievui" Jolteon plush - I swear she’s the softest plush in my collection, and my favourite Eeveelution!
  • Stunfisk pillow - He’s got a permanent seat on the top of my bed and he looks so perfect there. ;u;
  • Shiny Magikarp plush - It’s my newest addition to my collection and he’s incredibly well-made and extra gold!
  • Blastoise Pokedoll - Something about this Pokedoll always makes me smile. It’s got the cutest little arms and cannons and just awwwww. ;w;
  • Koffing/Pokeball plush - A plush I’ve owned since I was little! This Koffing can be unzipped at the back and folded into itself to make it looks like a Pokeball. It’s safe to say he might be my oldest plush in my collection, and it’s even more special because Koffing merchandise is so hard to come by!

Thanks for reading! And if you ever have any questions about any specific plush I own, like where I got them or where to purchase one of your own, please feel free to send me an ask! 

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